Complete Sor Studies Music Book


The guitar studies of Fernando Sor (1778-1839) have long been valued highly among the indispensable elements of a guitarist’s training. A number of prominent virtuosi attribute a large portion of their development to the diligent study of these works. Sor’s studies address an impressive array of technical and musical topics, including proper left-hand fingering, training of the right hand, interval and chord formations, scales, arpeggios, repeated notes, ligados, barring, natural harmonics, control of note duration, balance of melody versus accompaniment, and the handling of contrapuntal voices. A careful study of these pieces will lay the groundwork for a solid technique and allow the guitarist to build the control necessary for the expression of his or her musical concepts.

In preparing this edition David Grimes worked from Sor’s original publications, but incorporated some alterations that appear in those studies that Napoleon Coste chose to include in his “Methode complete pour la Guitarre par Ferdinand Sor.” Furthermore, Mr. Grimes has corrected misprints (some obvious, some apparent), modernized the notation and rectified some inconsistencies. Finally, some developments in technique since Sor’s day have been incorporated in this edition. For example, Sor utilized the stronger fingers wherever possible, even when that entailed excessive shifting, whereas most contemporary players stress the importance of developing all the fingers to their utmost capability and reducing the frequency of shifting.

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