Consignment Sales

We will be happy to help you sell your guitar. Please send us first a description of the guitar including, if possible, the woods it is made of, the scale of the fingerboard (measure from the back of the nut to the 12th fret and multiply that number by 2), the name of its maker, and its condition.

Once we receive that information we will call or write you. Then you will need to send us the guitar carefully. If you do not have a box you may be able to get one at your local music store or pay one of the shippers to pack it for you. A case gives it extra protection.

Once we have the guitar we will have it photographed by a professional photographer. The photographs will clearly show the items that we think are important to best show your instrument.

With the photographs and a good description, your guitar will be displayed on our website,, as well as on other media.

To discuss the price that we charge for this service, please call us at 951-334-8423 or send an email to We will also need to discuss with you the offering price we will establish for your guitar. Once the guitar is sold we will send you a check.

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